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This is not a free speech platform
Hi there, you're on my website right now. When you post things here, you are impacting my life and my business. So please keep the following in mind as you post. 
  • If you post things that negatively impact my life in any way, I'll ban you. 
  • If you spam, and in this I include trying to promote your blog/podcast, I'll ban you.
  • If you are shown to be dishonest, I'll ban you. 
  • If I think you're here to do us harm, I'll ban you. 
  • If I ban you and you come back, I'll ban you again.
  • If you post illegal things, I'll inform the government. 
  • If you cannot post it to Gab, you definitely cannot post it here.

If you want free speech, you'll need a platform where the owner cannot be held liable for the content on that site. This can be accomplished using Tor, but the regular web makes this impossible for something that wants to last. You can anonymously set up a website if you try hard enough, but it will ultimately be taken down if the content is controversial enough, and no actual person comes forward to protect it. 

I experimented briefly with Tor hosting last year, and I used these guys, Impreza Host.

They are happy to set WordPress up for you, and within WordPress you can do pretty much everything my sites do. Note: This forum does not use WordPress. This is running software called MyBB, and it is very easy to set up and install if you have the most basic understanding of how to run a modern website. I suspect Impreza could help you install this as well, if you asked. 

Ultimately, if your Tor site became at all popular, you would likely run into issues with the types of Tor hosting accounts Impreza offers. You would need a dedicated server, at least, and then you'll have a technical learning curve to deal with.
Chris Cantwell
Radical Agenda
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