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Emergency Nation: a playbook to create a minarchist nation
Hi, if you want a civilization that maintains property rights and freedom whilst assuring defense, check out the attached document and visit
In short, women's right to vote is removed, a flat non-progressive fee or military service is required to maintain residency, amendments are not permitted but secession rights are expressly guaranteed. The elected council's legislative ability is greatly reduced. Secession rights dampen state degeneracy and allow those aware of it to re-organize without leaving their land. It also allows the nation to secede into new versions of the document without any elected representative being allowed to ''change the deal'' for non consenting parties.
The document is 19 pages and amazingly concise, thus it makes for a nice reading.
From the Author (not me)
The goal of this document is the immediate resuscitation of civilization in case of degeneracy, socialist overspending or oppressive authoritarianism.
The rules are based on what has historically worked combined with modern science.
The rules are overly discriminatory and simplistic; this is because of the nature of this document that is on paper and must be easily conveyable and simple to implement. This statement is meant in contrast to a blockchain based political software system.
I wish to be clear and express that the white race and westerners are currently being eradicated in a "white genocide". The powers that be have implemented extreme feminism which destroys the white family while at the same time importing other races and even enabling terrorism. All of this is again funded by the tax money paid primarily by whites and other productive members of society, leaving them with less to start their own families. 
Chapter 2 - Know your enemy
Chapter 3 - Strengthen your soul
Chapter 4 - Constitutional rules
Chapter 5 - Establishment
Phase 1 - Movement
Phase 2 - Parallel society
Phase 3 - Emergency Nation established
The following chapters discuss specific situations ''degeneracy and feminism (Sweden)'' ''socialism'' ''Authoritarianism (North Korea)''

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